4 ways to a productive day

Here are 4 ways I start everyday

1. Pray- I start out every morning praying for my day, before I get out of bed I pray for what is in store for me.

2. Devotional- Starting you’re day in God’s word is a much more productive way to get your day going. Think about it, if you start out on facebook, or instagram that is going to set your mood for the day. Don’t believe me? when you start on facebook and instantly see all the bad news, or people sharing negative things its going to put you in a negative state of mind. You are more likely to feed off the bad of the world, instead of making good. Instagram is great, however if you compare yourself to others, its setting you up for a bad morning. How you ask? well let’s say you look through all you’re friends pictures before getting ready for school, and you’re friends are all sharing pictures in their new clothes, and how good they look. You are instantly trying to look better, or have nicer things than them. If you simply start out by reading a daily devotional, you are getting the truth of God’s word, and are able to relate to what he has for you. You are starting you’re day with positive thinking, and hope for the day.

3. Breakfast- Yum!! how people skip eating? I will never understand how one can simply forget to eat. I mean I wake up ready to eat, maybe I love food more than them? idk however I simply won’t skip eating. You can’t be you’re best if you’re not you’re best, you get out of what you put in. To stay healthy, you simply need to be eating the right foods, and feeding your brain, you won’t have energy for your day and if skipping meals.

4. Chores- yes you read that right, I said chores!! I know not everyone loves to clean, or thinks it’s something that’s going to make your day better. However if you make the time to clean, and put things where they go, you are actually saving time later in the day when you are tired after work, or tired after being with your kids. If you simply clean as you go, or make it a daily routine to keep up with cleaning it takes less time, and you are left with a clean, happy home. My kids know how much I can’t stand clutter. my youngest is Four and she always say’s mommy doesn’t like it messy. And it’s true, I can’t function when things are messy. It’s easier to cook when the kitchen is clean and I know where everything is, it’s easier to get the kids ready when I know where their clothes and shoes are, it’s easier to go to the store when I know what’s in my pantry. It’s something that is important for me to be able to do all i need to do when things are in place. 

I know there are many other ways you can start you’re day, but these are by far my favorite and what I have found that work’s best for my family and I. I hope this helps you get in a better routine, and can benefit from this. Comment and let me know if this helps you, Have a blessed day!